Workshops & Training

Sharing our knowledge is a part of who we are, because we understand that it take a village to raise a child.

Education is Simply Learning to Love Something

Hayati Health Center has a holistic approach to child care, which means addressing the communities that our children live in too. We offer a number of courses that focus on child development for various groups of individuals.
Teacher Training
Parent Training
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Our Approach ?

Whether it’s by our own qualified therapists or guest pediatric specialists by invitation, we design informative, educational programs to enrich the communities in which we operate, hoping to create a world that is more accepting, helpful and overall more supportive of our children outside the clinical space.


The more we are part of something, the more we care to offer support.


Learn from people who’ve dedicated their lives to helping determined children.


The strongest tool we have to help children is knowing they need love.


With our workshops for parents, you will learn techniques and materials that can be applied to your child's unique communication You will be guided by experienced facilitators who will use evidence-based techniques.
Information about learning and autism spectrum disorders that is evidence-based.
Analyzes how parents are familiar with autism and how it impacts their child at home and at school