Community Programs

As a child grows so does the influence their community has on their development and potential for success.

Developing Communities for Inclusion

Hayati Health Center’s outreach programs target communities in many ways with a message that we all have a responsibility to ensure a safe, inclusionary and advantageous environment for all children – no matter what.
School Talks
Open Days
Parent/Teacher Discussion
Online Webinars
Summer/winter camps
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Our Approach ?

Becoming an active presence in the communities in which we operate allows us to de-stigmatize the challenges that many young people face with daily. By appealing to families and other groups of influence, we’re fast making the world our children live in a more viable place for them to develop at their own pace.


A child that feels cherished is automatically disposed to grow and learn faster.


Creating a place where living is easier makes it easier to explore and exchange ideas.


Children absorb the world around them, so let’s make that world a nice place.


Hayati Health offers different community programs including parents training how to deal with kids with autism, speech delay and mental health issues.
The program covered covers topics such as depression and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, psychosis and substance abuse disorders.