Parents Training

Parents and educators are taught to facilitate the development of young children in everyday activities.

Empowered Parents Make a Big Difference

There are few things more frustrating for a parent than being powerless to help. With our Parent Training programs. Parents and caregivers benefit by gaining knowledge and training on procedures that are used during our clinical sessions to extend progress to the home setting.
Parent training is scheduled during sessions at the center to equip parents with knowledge they can apply at home to assist with the development of skills or behaviors. General parent training related to certain topics is also facilitated at the center to assist parents in continuing with programs at home.
Therapists to advise realistic solutions for issues that parents face at home or community setting
Parent and guardian training (one-on-one)
Setting realistic goals and having an easy data collection system to professional help based on that information

Our Approach ?

Parent Training is provided by all Hayati Health Center department heads (ABA, SLT, and OT), specifically focusing on therapy techniques and procedures that parents can use at home. Practicing in a familiar setting is a crucial component of any child’s development. The result is faster, more permanent results.


Parents become part of their child’s development, as well as enjoy their achievements.


Parents get a better insight into the therapist’s strategy and session practices.


Parents achieve a sense of control in a situation that often feels powerless.


Parent training is aimed to assist professionals to support parents. Research studies show that Parent Training helps reduce parent stress, improve family interactions, and improve child treatment outcomes and improve child treatment outcomes.
01. How do I get health care when I need it?
You can visit HealSoul Health Services during office hours. Appointments are appreciated, but walk-ins are welcome as well. If possible, please make a call ahead before visiting. This will allow us to arrange services and reduce your waiting time. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
02. Is there coverage for the elderly and juveniles?
Upon request, HealSoul Health Services staff will provide instructions for individuals whose medical conditions need special attention and additional certificates. Normally, we provide up-to-80%-off or free health care for these cases with specific diseases and illnesses specified by the law.
03. What if I require lab tests to be performed?
HealSoul Health Services provide patients with choices to ask for the conducting and analyzing of several lab tests on-site at no cost for prioritized patients or at 70% for people with an insurance. Additional testing can be ordered off site; those costs are the responsibility of the enquirers.
04. Are there Family Planning Services available?
Yes. Reproductive services are always available at HealSoul Health Services. Additionally, we also have an agreement in which all enrolled clients will only have to pay a nominal fee for the first visit for checkups. They will be exempt from this fee from their second visit.