Schools & Nurseries

For educators and teaching professionals to better assist children of determination in a learning environment.

Teachers are Most Often the Finest Students

We’ve found that while there are many outstanding teachers in both schools and nurseries, few are equipped to deal with a child of determination. Our therapists will offer tools to help educators incorporate these children into their classes with minimal disruption. Teacher training could include:
Autism Overview
Behavior Modification Techniques
Early Identification of problem areas
Anger Management
Discipline and Rewards
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Our Approach ?

Our ultimate goal is to get our patients to a level of school acceptance, where they can learn and socialize with children of their own age without the stigma of their challenges. Working with the human condition, we guide our educators to lead by example and educate the child’s peers about the virtues of acceptance.


Educators who attend our courses leave with another valuable skill set .


A confident teacher will command a child’s attention for better results always.


An ideal learning space is one in which every child respects each other.


Hayati Health Medical Center provides ABA therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology services. Our therapists and the center are registered with ADEK and can provide services at schools if required. Providing service at school is subject to certain conditions.
ABA therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vocational therapy and Psychology services.
We are always open to collaborating with schools and nurseries and host coffee mornings and information sessions at schools to give back to the community.