Study Finds Parents Play a Key Role in a Child’s Development

Study Finds Parents Play a Key Role in a Child’s Development

We knew it all along! In a recent 6-month study, researchers proved that pivotal response treatment involving a parent works better than other existing therapies at motivating children with autism and significant speech delays to talk. By teaching parents how to set up situations where their child might be more motivated to communicate in these sessions, the parent’s involvement in a child’s therapy increased results significantly. The research found that even as little as monthly sessions with parents gave them a substantial advantage when extending the work done in session to the home environment. Read the full article here: While the Hayati Health Center always encourages parents to be as involved as possible with every step of their child’s development, we understand that they can’t always be there. That is why one of the best things about the Hayati Health App is the daily reports and videos that allow parents to catch up when they have a change and continue the excellent work our therapists do at home.

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