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Hayati Health App

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The Hayati Health Index Digital App

A unique digital data-tracking system used to assess progress and structure individualized treatment programs that can be followed in real-time by the patient’s family.
Comprehensive Assessments
Therapy Session Efficiency
Family Inclusion

The Hayati Health App Feature

The App was designed exclusively by the Hayati Health Center to empower both therapists and parents. It helps a therapist record, analyze and report progress made during each session and makes this information accessible and easy to process in an app designed specifically for parents to follow.


Dynamic Data Entry

Therapists are able to plan, set, record and analyze entire therapy sessions in record time with the help of pre-programed selection tool.


Individualized Treatment

All patient information and data is stored on a secure central management system for the therapist to create personal treatment plans to suit each child.


Evidence-Based Practices

The app uses an assessment platform with a detailed scoring system based on scientifically proven tests that accurately measures a child's development.


Targeted Goals

The app breaks down each skill into small, concrete steps from simple to more complex goals to help measure the child‘s progress in each recorded session.

Hayati Health Knowledge Base

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