“Child development does not mean developing your child into the person you think they should be, but helping them develop into the best person they are meant to be." ― Toni Sorenson


At Hayati Health Center we provide evidence-based and ethically considerate Applied Behavior Analysis and other specialized services to families with young children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities. From tailored intensive one-on-one therapy sessions for children to training family members and educators, we strive to progress a child’s transition from a controlled teaching setting to an uncontrived natural environment at home. With time and dedication, we hope to allow your child to practice language and other skills in a typical community or family setting.

More than just for children, Hayati Health understands the psychological impact a child with developmental difficulties can have on parents and siblings, which is why we also offer counseling and therapy for parents and siblings too.

At Hayati Health Center, we all hold certain truths about children of determination:

1. Every child has the potential to develop and grow in a safe environment

2. Focus should be placed on enhancing skills that lead to rewarding personal relationships

3. Functional communication is the foundation of progress in all areas of development

4. Reliable data is key to achieve the best results and must be gathered and analyzed continuously

5. Only evidenced-based practice will lead to the best possible outcome

No two children are the same. An approach that has worked wonders with one child probably won’t have the same effect as it might have on another. So too will treatment’s effects differ on a daily basis. We believe it’s important to maintain a regular schedule to ensure every sign of progress is identified in an orderly fashion.



Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Speech and Language Therapy

Clinical Psychology & Counselling

Parents Training

Outreach Support

Occupational Therapy