Home-Based Therapy

Our qualified therapists are trained to work with children in any environment, and we’re here to help you in any way.

Bringing The Best Clinical Therapy Home

It can be hard for some parents to get to a clinic for an appointment. Home-based therapy with a licensed therapist can address many obstacles such as transport, time and availability issues.

Our Approach ?

At Hayati Health Center, we will try to create a space that is close to a clinical environment, free from unwanted distractions, so your child can focus on the critical therapy. Our services also extend to helping you learn the basics of the therapies we offer, so you can continue the work once our therapist has left.


Appointments can be made around your schedule so you can plan your day.


Therapy outside the clinical environment has often shown amazing results.


Children on the spectrum can have difficulty adapting to new settings.


The purpose of home-based therapy is to help people who have difficulty getting to go the clinics or therapy centers. Hayati Health Centers offer therapy at their homes.
A home-based therapist frequently delivers therapy at a kitchen table or in a living room. Having the capacity to witness how individuals live at home might also help them feel more at ease, they believe.
ABA therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vocational therapy and Psychology services.