Corporate Services

Employee outreach programs designed especially for parents are a great way for corporations to show they care.

Reaching Out to the Business Community

Hayati Health Center is proud to have affiliations with many of the region’s leading pediatric specialists, which gives us the privilege to offer a comprehensive program of informative talks that add personal value to your relationship with employees.
Informative Topics relating to child development and challenges
Scheduled during or after working hours as per your requirements
Perfect social days or family days
Group discussions online or in person
Discount packaged and deals can be arranged for attending employees
A great idea for sponsored events

Our Approach ?

What better way to recognize the time your employees spend on their professional life than by hoping to make their family time easier? Our corporate family counseling and childcare programs are designed to offer hard-working people information and advice they can use to bring harmony to their daily lives.


Equipping parents to cope with home and family stress makes life easier for all.


Employees will recognize the effort that employees make to enrich their working day.


Reduced employee turnover ensures – healthy working relationships.


Yes, we do provide Psychology & Counselling plus other services as well in the offices.
It is not mandatory or expected that group members would attend meetings every week, and their composition may differ from week to week. The size of the group is usually rather small, but it can fluctuate, and for some sessions it may be larger than others.