Psychomotor Therapist


Psychomotor Therapy from University in France


3 Years


Arabic, English, French


Dubai Health Authority


Nabila Saidi is a Psychomotor Therapist in Hayati health center who is graduated in Psychomotor Therapy from University in France (Paris). She worked in France in private clinics for 2 years and also in Dubai at the American wellness center for 2 years. She works with a large population ranging from newborns to adults presenting with a developmental delay, neurodevelopmental disorder, learning disorder, genetic syndrome, sensory modulation disorder and mental health difficulties. Each session of psychomotor therapy is unique and tailor-made for the patient. The skills of the psychomotor therapist include the elaboration of a complete psychomotor assessment and carrying out therapy sessions who are guided by the person’s interest. In fact, the notion of pleasure is fundamental to allowing the patient to (re)find the desire and the pleasure of doing.


The psychomotor therapist implements purposeful and motivating activities that enhance and
develop the underlying skills necessary to complete functional tasks. Our psychomotor therapist works on fine and gross motor capacities, cognitive functions, writing skills, body schema, relaxation, spatial and temporal domain. She can help the patient to regain independence in all areas of the live, but also improve and facilitate the daily life of the patient. She also help with self-acceptance all this through fun
activities and exercise in order to progress while having fun.

Area of Expertise:

Developmental delay
Learning disorder
Genetic Syndrome
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Autism disorder
Coordination and balance difficulties
Sensory modulation disorder
Low self-esteem
Stress and anxiety
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