Behavioural Therapist


BA in behavioral business management and administration
Certified behavior technician from the American board of behavior analysis
Certified CPR and First Aid from universal CPR foundation
International behavior analysis certificate from the IBAO organization.


2 Years


Arabic, English, French


BACB certificate (RBT)
International behavior technician certificate
First aid adult-infant-choking
AED-injury and universal precautions certified from universal CPR foundation


A bilingual (Arabic-English) behaviour Therapist from Algeria; graduated from john-ST-York university in behavioural management BA; registered behaviour technician certified and licensed from the American board of behaviour analysis, certified international behaviour analysis from IBAO organization.

During the past two years, practicum and career life, she had multiple opportunities to work with vocational and early years (early intervention) with various learning deficits such as speech delays, dyslexia, echolalia, neurodevelopmental disorders, ADHD, Self-injury and aggression behaviours, non-vocal children using sign language or AAC devices, hearing impairments as well as dealing with individuals with developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Schizophrenia, Asperger syndrome, RETT syndrome, Down Syndrome, and other neurological disorders and developmental delays.

As a therapist, Khouloud primary focus is to promote individual’s independence to communicate effectively within his/her environment along with the multidisciplinary team in Hayati Healthcare Centre.


Implementation of the ABA Verbal Behaviour (VB) approach using wide range of VB teaching techniques.
Use the ABLLS-R (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills – Revised) program (Partington, 2006).
(Partington, 2006).  Use the VB MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program) by Mark Sundberg, Ph.D., for assessments, creating curriculum and tracking skill development.
Behaviour modification, intervention, and behavior management techniques.
target verbal operant using Mand increasing approach to achieve behavior reduction
Behavioral intervention based on BF skinner behavioral analysis approach (ABA)
Reaching towards independency via shaping, developing and generalizing skills.
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